American Airlines meets Mr. X – a tragic tale of brand failure

And you thought breaking guitars was bad? How about careers?

I won’t go into a long spiel today, since almost everything I want to say is in the PowerPoint deck on SlideShare embedded below. But if you agree that this kind of narrow-minded corporate foot-stabbing is insanity, I want to hear about it!

Fail Plane

The story in brief

  1. Blogger has bad experience with American Airlines online,
  2. Blogger blogs about it,
  3. Blogger is contacted by helpful American Airlines employee,
  4. Blogger writes how impressed he is with this employee’s candor,
  5. Happy ending! There is much rejoicing in the executive offices of American Airlines…

Sadly, only the first 4 points above are true. The ending isn’t happy at all.

Visit my SlideShare deck to find out what really happened:

Click here if the SlideShare deck doesn’t appear below.

View more presentations from Dennis Van Staalduinen.

Props: Thanks to friend and writer Alison Gresik for alerting me to this. And of course, props to Dustin Curtis and Mr. X for courage under fire.


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