7 thoughts on “Starbucks: beer, bands, & baristas”

  1. I think that rebranding their flagship stores is not a bad idea. They just have to be aware of how far they take this.

    There are a lot of people (myself included) who when travelling, will seek out a Starbucks because they know that it’s palatable coffee, and that’s more than they can ask from the diner down the street. But, they need to be able to find that coffee.

    I think the endorsed brand sounds good, in theory, but that if they have 100 differently named stores (15th Avenue by Starbucks, Golden Coffee Company by Starbucks) that the brand power could become diluted, especially if there are many of these stores in one metropolis. As well, all too often, endorsed brands are seen as the lesser of the two brand (Courtyard by Mariott, for example), whereas Starbucks is probably looking to premium brand these stores.

    On a somewhat-related note, I find that Starbucks is incredibly guilty of greenwashing. They speak t the notion of having better relationships with the growers and so forth, but the pastries in Ottawa stores come from Toronto. I ask you, with 30 stores in Ottawa, can they not afford to have a bakery in the city? Employ jobs locally, rather than have to pay transportation costs that get passed on to the customer (and the carbon emissions).

    If there is one thing that Bridgehead has done really, really, really well, it is maintaining a local brand image from bean to cup.

  2. On greenwashing, that point about all pastries coming to Ottawa from Toronto is something I hadn’t heard. Wow. You’d think 4-5 hours on the highway plus whatever time driving around Ottawa from one far-flung suburb to the other would affect the freshness of the product as well, n’est pas?

    It’s the paradox of a big brand. Local, fresh, green, etc. are not necessarily compatible with the “economies of scale” that drive large operations.

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