Social Media “explained” in 6 complicated pictures

A collection of the most influential diagrams explaining Social Media

After we needed to explain to a client (again) the difference between “Social Media” and Twitter or Facebook, site Beg to Differ went out looking for diagrams to show the range. And boy did we ever. The SlideShare deck below includes the 6 examples we found including entries from consulting heavyweights like Brian Solis and Robert Scoble…

Social Media: apparently it's pretty complicated...
Social Media: apparently it's pretty complicated...

But be warned: these diagrams are pretty geeky

So if you have a low tolerance for dense, for sale logo-heavy graphics with more than a smattering of techno-speak here are the take-aways:

  1. “Social Media” includes a huge and growing range of Web-driven conversation tools;
  2. As Social Media gets more diverse, see sub-genres are defining – and re-defining – themselves;
  3. There are many ways of viewing this universe; but
  4. There’s still a lot of noise… clarity is hard to find.
  5. But it is possible. See example #6 below.

3 thoughts on “Social Media “explained” in 6 complicated pictures”

    1. I have to admit two things 1) I was having a bit of a geek-out on this stuff and *may* have sacrificed simplicity at the altar of cool-looking charts, and 2) I meant the “social media explained” as mild sarcasm.

      And yes it’s complicated. But that was kind of my sideways point – if you went through the whole deck you’ll see the mashup at the end. Intended as a humorous comment on the stuff that went before. But perhaps I’ll have to tune that a bit…

      Thanks for dropping by.

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