Okay, so maybe just Differing ain’t enough…

This photo made me laugh and laugh and laugh, cheap then think about branding, then spare a thought for the poor Libyan people who have had to live under this guy, then laugh some more.

One of these kids is not like the others

Looking at this photo, and a hilarious set of Ghadafi’s crazy get-ups collected by Vanity Fair, you really get the impression that this guy likes to stand out. And not just stand out, but go spinning off on his own loopy, maniacal tangent.

And that underlines the only point I’m going to make today:

Sometimes, it’s better NOT to Differ. Like if you get invited to the G8 and they ask you to join them for a photo op.

Or if everybody else’s repressive North African megalomaniacal dictatorship is moving to peace and democracy. That would be a good time to, you know, go with that flow.

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