Announcing the winner of the IABC Summit Day Pass!

One day pass to the 2012 IABC Canada Business Communicator’s Summit

So, pill first off, capsule deep apologies to all those who faithfully commented on or re-tweeted my “What is a Canadian” post and have been waiting to find out the winner of the one-day pass to the 2012 IABC Canada Business Communicator’s Summit.

Note to self: in the future, approved don’t volunteer to have a drawing on your blog until you figure out how it’s going to work! I’ve burned WAY too much time and Google-leather trying to figure out something that turned out to be very simple in the end.

So two credits before we get to the draw results:

1) This product: Backtweets allowed me to quickly and easily trace all the Tweets for my previous post through all variants and URL shorteners.

Here’s the result.

2) + Microsoft Excel: the next problem was doing a random draw. I’ve used tools like TwitterDraw and RowFeeder before, but couldn’t figure out how to do both the hashtag AND the blog comments part of the equation.

But then I found this concise little post on how to just draw a random value in Excel. Took some manual typing, but it worked just fine.

Announcing the winner:

So here’s the winner of the one-day day pass. Michaela Schreiter of Ottawa, Ontario!

And thanks to all of these Twitter-folk ,as well as the IABC Board members and speakers for your comments and re-tweets! Really looking forward to Friday.

@Mandoo322 @whatsyourtech
@CoffeewithJulie @MinaFrancis1
@4L3x 4nd3r5on @Lauhop
@4WomensPassion @schreids
@vprocunier @traceyknudson
@basiav @Al3x_Ander5on
@herwheels1 @kess2000
@spydergrrl @OttawaFamily
@GlendaM @meaghan_quinn
@Informatician @steph345

4 thoughts on “Announcing the winner of the IABC Summit Day Pass!”

  1. Sorry to all those who didn’t win. But please join me in congratulating schreids Cc: lauhop  4womenspassion  vprocunier  traceyknudson  basiav  al3x_ander5on  herwheels1  kess2000  spydergrrl  ottawafamily  glendam  meaghan_quinn  informatician  steph345  sarajt…

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