An Instructive Moment in Racist Crazytown

Spoiler alert: the ending will surprise you

Racist Crazytown HEADER

It began with a Tweet. This morning, MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow posted the thought below – which was of course meant to contrast the current anti-Muslin insanity infecting huge swaths of public opinion in the States, with the more welcoming tone of recent Canadian efforts to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees as quickly as possible.

This was widely Liked, Re-Tweeted, and… Trolled. Yep, to no one’s total surprise, the usual Racist Crazytown trolls began lobbing their usual poisonous, fecal awfulness back at her Tweet.

But one inter-Troll exchange in particular caught my eye. Watch what happens when Troll #2 actually reads what he just responded to…

(Click the image to see it larger)

Racist Crazytown 2

Here’s a closer look at that last Tweet. A classic comic double-take.  Oh, and note the account name – ironically a reference to John Lennon’s Imagine.

ScreenHunter_63 Dec. 11 09.34

So @Imagine0486, this one goes out to you, my weirdly-conflicted friend!

Imagine all the people, (and even trolls)
Wouldn’t it be sweet, (so sweet, sweet, sweet)
Spending less time hating, (ooh, and more time)
Reading every Tweet?!? (Twee-ee, ee-ee-eet!)

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