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Who makes Beg to Differ happen?

The Differ: Dennis Van Staalduinen
President, Brandvelope Consulting
Ottawa, Canada

Dennis writes most of the posts at Beg to Differ. He is a brand strategy consultant, brand naming expert, and a skilled writer and speaker who has been in communications since birth, marketing since 1995, and running Brandvelope since 2000.

He has traveled the world as a speaker and brand spokesperson, served as Vice President of Marketing at a Web start-up, and has branded, re-branded, named, or guided more than 50 companies, charities, and government bodies in brand-building projects. In all of his work, his guiding mission has been to help brands speak to customers with a more human voice.

Differ-at-Large: Lauren Hughes
Toronto Ontario

Lauren – who actually has a degree in Brand Management – chips in occasionally with pithy thoughts from the other side of the pond.

Lauren has worked with Brandvelope over the past few years, and has become the Beg to Differ roving eye.

Guest Differs: How about you?

We’re looking for guest posts from other folks who share our approach and outlook – particularly if you have an area of expertise that complements ours and you can write (that’s important). Please contact us if you have an idea.

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