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Howdy humans. Welcome to Beg to Differ, by Brandvelope Consulting. This blog’s for you.

Yes, but who is the “you”?

The smarmy answer is that Beg to Differ – the branding for humans blog – is for “humans”. But that kind of circular logic doesn’t get us very far, now does it?

Okay, more specifically: this for humans who care about brands. And we sort those humans into three big buckets:

Audience 1: brand builders

Our primary target for the site is anyone trying to build, cultivate, and get the most out of any kind of brand – brand managers, product managers, entrepreneurs, corporate directors, investors, and executives.

These are generally the people we are speaking to when we say “you”.

Why? Because eventually we want you to see how smart we are, and hire Brandvelope to help you build better brands. But as the front line soldiers of the brand wars, you also have a lot to teach us desk-jockey, pencil-pushing strategy guys.

Audience 2: brand helpers

We also love connecting with branding, marketing and public relations industry people – consultants, authors, speakers, bloggers, creative directors, copywriters, designers – that whole crazy bunch.

Why? Because occasionally we’re wrong and need a smack (see above about wanting to look smart). We also believe that there’s no point in hiding our expertise and thoughts from our peers – even though we sometimes compete. Good thoughts always rise to the top, so we’d rather have that happen here.

Audience 3: brand geeks:

But please feel free to hang around and chip in  if you’re just a compulsive brand geek (like  us). If you annoy your friends and relatives by obsessing about brand names, logos, taglines, ads, etc., you are our kind of people!

Why? Because around here, you stand in for customers – who are the real owners of all brands.

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