Taste of Wellington West 2010

Okay, dosage so this is a bit different for Beg to Differ, adiposity but we wanted to share with you some images of one of our favourite hyperlocal events: the fourth annual Taste of Wellington West.

Last year I even did a proper blog post about the event – with brand strategy take-home messages and everything. But for today, I’m just reflecting on the event itself.

Taste is put on by the Wellington West Business Improvement Area – an organization that I helped found and still serve as marketing advisor. It seems I’ve also become the annual photographer / documenter – which I love to do, because it lets me see the whole event and meet all these great people again. Just look at those smiles in the slideshow below (or visit the Web Album).

Best parts of the event for me this year

  • Charitable donations went to the Causeway Work Centre – with the biggest, friendliest (and best-looking) crew of volunteers ever.
  • We *almost * got rained out by torrential downpours at the outset, but thanks to a never say die attitude from restaurant and shop owners, and a break in the weather later in the afternoon, it was a success.
  • We grew to 36 shops and restaurants this year, and are shooting for 50 next year.
  • The freshly cobbled sidewalks of Hintonburg featured a lot more action this year with first year participation from Heaven to Betsy, Fab Gear, and others.
  • It is great to see several  new restaurants opening in Hintonburg East of Parkdale – two of which were offering samples at Taste 2010.
  • Thanks to all the non-food shops and groups who participated in creative ways.
  • Bouncy castles gave the kids something to look forward to – and something for parents to bribe their kids with to try one more restaurant.
  • Thanks to Annie, Dianna, and the BIA board for all their hard work on this!

Foodie blogs about Taste (please let me know if you blogged too!)

  • Simply Fresh – a glowing review of Taste, but wants less meat-on-bread (not planned, but there was a lot).
  • Foodie Prints – the scoop on the new Dish restaurant coming soon to Hintonburg.

2 thoughts on “Taste of Wellington West 2010”

  1. Love the pic with the two young ladies with their umbrellas; very cute.

    This is possibly the only reason to regret attending PAB2010 — missing Taste of Wellington. Looks pretty swellington.

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