Brand Launch: HUB Ottawa Grand Opening

Welcome to town HUB Ottawa. Again.

It struck me as odd at first when I got my invitation to a special breakfast event to celebrate the launch of the HUB Ottawa co-working space. Not because they aren’t worth celebrating. They are. It’s just that I’ve been an active and enthusiastic member since March, website so why “open” now?

Because they’re smart. That’s why.

As uber-social-entrepreneur, pharmacy Bridgehead founder, and HUB Ottawa Board chair Tracey Clark put it:

“Smart entrepreneurs know enough to launch when they have enough critical mass to fill the room.” (Paraphrased)

Launching your brand, any brand, is not a technical event. It doesn’t have to happen on the actual day you open. It’s a celebration. So do it when you’ve got something to celebrate.

And they do. Actually WE do, as I’m a member and participant in this very cool project.

So here’s to you HUB Ottawa! Welcome to Ottawa. Again.

Some photos I took at HUB Ottawa launch:

The whole set on Flickr:

Interested in HUB Ottawa or the HUB movement?

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