Discovered: the one immutable law of branding

In 2002, viagra I read the first edition of the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by the legendary Al Ries and his daughter Laura. It changed my life. But it got me thinking…

Perhaps not so immutable after all?
Perhaps not so immutable after all?

One law to rule them all

I’ve been mulling over the 22 laws the book posits. All of them are thought provoking, cost and all are valuable, and I’d argue that the book is just as important for branders as Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.
But, at the risk of sounding like a heretic, after more than a dozen years in brand communications, and dozens of projects with all kinds of customers in different industries, I’ve come to realize that all 22 Immutable Laws can be summarized in one over-arching Law:
One Rule

*This is because 1) brands are owned by humans, cultivated by humans, and are a human communications technology; 2) humans are not immutable, and 3) therefore our strategies for branding have to be as nuanced and flexible as humans, even while we try to impose order, consistency, and intelligence upon them.

Read the book

So, by all means, please read the book! But as you do, think how each law needs to be adapted to your product, your customers, and the brand new world we all find ourselves in today.

3 thoughts on “Discovered: the one immutable law of branding”

  1. My one immutable law of branding is to strategically break laws. I did that with the Lexus logo. 22 years later it is the second most recognizable automotive logo globally. Mercedes had a bit of a head start and the most motivational spokesperson ever.

    1. Amen brother. I always say that you first have to learn the rules in your marketplace, then figure out which ones customers secretly *want* you to break.

      As for Lexus, all I can say is “Wow”. Very impressive. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts.

  2. DK, Long time no see! We should catch up, man! And I must say that I still think royalties are in order for your work for Lexus and “The Halo’s are back” Slogan for the Anaheim Angels during their World Series win back in– 2002 or 2003. (can not currently recall, too much fun at the games I suppose.) In my amatuer opinion, really, that one “rule” in your industry that really should be changed!! Hahah. drop me a line sometime soon

    -Rhett J, Zerboni

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